Celebrating the Contributions of African Americans

African Americans have been enriching the Presbyterian Church for more than two centuries. The first ordained African American minister in the Presbyterian Church was John Gloucester. Rising from slavery and oppression, he formed the first African American Presbyterian congregation in the early 1800s in Philadelphia. Many years later, in 1974, PC(USA) ordained the first black woman,

We Invite Your Covenant With POJ

Presbytery of the James invites sessions to make pledges of support toward God’s mission for 2023. Sometimes when we hear “mission” we only think of it as one aspect of a church or presbytery budget, but in reality, everything that we do is a part of God’s mission to the world. We are blessed to

PC(USA) Requests Church Statistical Reports

Each year, the Office of the General Assembly (OGA) gathers statistical information from presbyteries across the country and provides a comprehensive breakdown on church membership, ethnicity and age distribution, as well as other information. Clerks in Presbytery of the James may begin submitting their congregation data now using the online reporting system. Please be on

Deadline for 2022 Financial Support

We are thankful for our covenant together that is affirmed by your prayers and financial support of the Presbytery of the James and its ministry. We rejoice in your faith. The budgeted request for 2022, growing out of our commitment with one another, is $615,000. Undesignated income totals $364,278 through mid-November. Congregational contributions for 2022