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Stated Clerk Transition

Thank you. Goodbye. Welcome.

Forrest Gump may have thought life was like a box off chocolates, but right now I think life is more like a ship at sea. Sometimes we have fair winds and following seas; at other times stormy weather.

At all times it is important to have competent, knowledgeable people working with others to keep the boat steady. Today we say goodbye to one of those.

The James has been blessed to have excellent people in our stated clerk position. As we seek to call a permanent stated clerk, we are grateful to Charles Grant for being our temporary stated clerk. We sincerely thank Charles for his leadership during his time with us and Godspeed as he moves to the next part of his life. He has been a steadying force.

And, I invite you to join me as we welcome aboard our new temporary stated clerk, Barry Parks. Last week the Mission Council extended an offer to Elder Barry Parks, Westminster, Charlottesville, to be The James’ temporary stated clerk as we continue the search for a permanent stated clerk.

We do not expect any of our staff to walk on water, but we are grateful to those who keep their eyes on Jesus and who encourage the rest of us to be faithful to God’s calling to be Christ’s body in our time and place.

In Christ,

Janet James
Moderator, Mission Council

About Barry Parks

Barry and his wife joined Westminster Presbyterian Church (Charlottesville) in 2018 after relocating to the area. Barry has served as clerk of session at Westminster since July 2020. He also is vice-moderator of the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic. Barry was recently certified as ready to receive a call as a commissioned ruling elder with the Presbytery of the James.