Communications and Coordination Team

Oversees presbytery personnel, office operation, budget, stated meeting dockets, annual review of session records, and more. Team members also serve as the trustees of the Corporation of the Presbytery of the James, Inc.

Moderator: Kenna Payne
Staff Contact: Fred Holbrook

Committee on Ministry

Carries out the presbytery's responsibility to receive and dismiss ministers, to supervise the process by which churches secure the service of ministers, and to help resolve difficulties between pastors and churches.

Moderator: Caitlin Deyerle
Staff Contact: Fred Holbrook

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Oversees the process by which people prepare to become ministers of Word and Sacrament.

Moderator: Linda Coye
Staff Contact: Franklin Reding

Committee on Nominations

Constitutional Committee

Nominates people for election by the presbytery to teams and constitutional committees

Moderator: Pat Valentine
Staff Contact: Fred Holbrook

Committee on Representation

Constitutional Committee

Measures the extent to which the presbytery is fully representative in the membership of its committees and in its decision-making.

Moderator: Nancy Summerlin
Staff Contact: Fred Holbrook

Permanent Judicial Committee

Constitutional Committee

Serves as the court when the presbytery needs trials or hearings in a judicial process.

Moderator: Allen Fisher
Staff Contact: Fred Holbrook

Mission and Service Team

Oversees POJ groups seeking ways to be involved in mission and service to Jesus Christ as a presbytery

Moderator: Ronald Bullis

Leadership Connections Team

Oversees POJ groups that seek to build ministries among, within, and for congregations and to build leaders and leadership skills among individuals and congregations

Moderator: Lisa Salita