The Strategic Planning Team of the Presbytery of the James is eager to share with you the results of our work together over the past two years. Our hopes, intentions, and objectives for the future of the POJ have come together in the Strategic Plan that was introduced at the called meeting on Saturday, November 21.

The SPT is hosting a number of Listening/Feedback Sessions in early January via Zoom and audio conferencing. We are excited to be in conversation with you! View listening session dates and register for one or more.

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Strategic Planning Team Video Testimonials 1

Patrick Dennis, Tom Coye, Susan Mapes, Liz Hulme Adam, Lamar Lockhart, and Shannon Hendricks (9 minutes)

Strategic Planning Team Video Testimonials 2

Hal Raddin, Elizabeth Gatewood, Marilyn Johns, Katherine Todd, and Katherine Jackson (6 minutes)


At the October 2017 stated meeting, Presbytery of the James formed a Strategic Planning Team to guide its work over the five-year period of 2020 through 2025. In October 2018, the presbytery approved a slate of 15 members. The team began meeting in January 2019.

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The goals of the Strategic Planning Team are to:

  1. articulate a vision and mission for the POJ;
  2. propose a structure for the implementation of the vision and mission; and
  3. recommend a financial plan for the implementation of the vision and mission.


​Jen Rowe