DISASTER RELIEF MINISTRY helps devastated communities with the rebuilding of homes and communities after natural disasters strike. Teams of volunteer labor, skill, and supplies provide aid, accompanied by experienced leadership, with a commitment to competent workmanship, and working thru a connection with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) or other disaster relief agencies as available.


C Brown Pearson, moderator
Jonathan Barton
Carolyn Crighton
David Crighton

Recovery Help in North Carolina

Teams from the Presbytery of the James are assisting with Hurricane Florence recovery in New Bern, North Carolina. After several trips in late 2018, the ministry is organizing a return trip June 1-8. Learn more here.

The effort is led by Brown Pearson, an elder at Southminster Presbyterian Church, who brings 15 years of experience in disaster recovery on the Gulf Coast, West Virginia, and Florida.

To volunteer, email Brown or call him at 804-347-8895.

Debris piled outside homes illustrates the extent of the destruction the relief team encountered on their previous trips to the area.