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Summary of April 2023 Special Meeting

The special meeting on April 20, 2023 was held via Zoom. Rev. Rosalind Banbury, moderator, called the meeting to order with prayer at 7:00 p.m., a quorum being present.

Rev. Kimberly Clayton (the Presbyterian Church, Fredericksburg) led the evening prayer service.

The following business actions were addressed:

Report of the Committee on Nominations

Rev. Walter Canter (Blue Ridge) reported as moderator of the Committee on Nominations. The committee nominated the following person:

  • Commission on Ministry
    Rev. Shelly Barrick Parsons, Class of 2025, Term 1, Member at Large.

Moderator Banbury invited nominations from the floor; none was offered. Presbytery elected the nominee.

Proposed Amendments to the Book of Order

The presbytery voted on the proposed amendments to the Book of Order sent by the 225th General Assembly (2022) as follows:

  • 22-A: Approved
  • 22-L: Approved
  • 22-W: Approved
  • 22-B: Approved
  • 22-M: Approved
  • 22-X: Rejected
  • 22-C: Approved
  • 22-N: Approved
  • 22-Y: Rejected
  • 22-D: Approved
  • 22-O: Approved
  • 22-Z: Approved
  • 22-E: Rejected
  • 22-P: Approved
  • 22-AA: Approved
  • 22-F: Approved
  • 22-Q: Approved
  • 22-BB: Approved
  • 22-G: Approved
  • 22-R: Approved
  • 22-CC: Approved
  • 22-H: Approved
  • 22-S: Approved
  • 22-DD: Approved
  • 22-I: Approved
  • 22-T: Rejected
  • 22-EE: Approved
  • 22-J: Approved
  • 22-U: Rejected
  • 22-FF: Approved
  • 22-K: Approved
  • 22-V: Approved
  • 22-GG: Approved

The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m. by Moderator Banbury with prayer.

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June 20, 2023



Agenda and Reports

Book of Order Amendments