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Presbyter of Contact

When you have a question for the presbytery, who should you call? To make it easy on congregations, each has been assigned a presbyter of contact. This presbyter is your first call when you have a question and we will either answer your question or point you in the right direction. Find your presbyter of contact in the tables below.

Not serving a congregation? Validated (specialized) ministers, minster members-at-large, and honorably retired ministers should contact Leigh Anne Ring.

Flo Barbee-Watkins

Lead Presbyter for Vision and Collaboration
(804) 262-2074 office
(804) 495-4999 cell

Leigh Anne Ring

Presbyter for Relational Care
(804) 262-2074 office
(804) 724-5960 cell

Barbara Chalfant

Presbyter for Congregational Life
(804) 262-2074 office

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