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World Mission

THE WORLD MISSION MINISTRY builds support for mission co-workers, educates leaders, and provides engagement in God’s mission through presbytery trips to Haiti and Guatemala.

World Mission Ministry connects congregations with Presbyterian World Mission, with a special focus on Cindy Corell in Haiti, and also with a shared mission initiative with Peaks Presbytery in Guatemala.

Learn about World Mission Ministry's Haiti Partnership.

World Mission Ministry also promotes and financially supports the Young Adult Volunteer program.

Learn about Life in Bethlehem from International Peacemaker

In September 2024, learn about Life in Bethlehem from PC(USA) International Peacemaker Zoughbi Zoughbi, the founder and director of the Palestinian Conflict Transformation Centre in Palestine. Zoughbi will be presenting programs in various locations across the Presbytery of the James.


Mary Jane Winter, moderator
Ruth Brown
Janice Reagan
Stanley Skreslet
James Taneti


PC(USA) Resources

Mission co-worker Cindy Corell (right)
Mission co-worker Cindy Corell (right)
Participants in the Young Adult Volunteer program
Participants in the Young Adult Volunteer program