THE WORLD MISSION MINISTRY builds support for mission co-workers, educates leaders, and provides engagement in God’s mission through presbytery trips to Haiti and Guatemala.

World Mission Ministry connects congregations with Presbyterian World Mission, with a special focus on Cindy Corell in Haiti and Ruth Brown in Ghana, and also with a shared mission initiative with Peaks Presbytery in Guatemala.

World Mission Ministry also promotes and financially supports the Young Adult Volunteer program.

Migration and Ministry Trip to Guatemala

The Presbyteries of the James and the Peaks are partnering for a joint trip to Guatemala October 28 through November 4. The focus of this visit is on migration and ministry and how we can go deeper in our understanding and response.

  • Learn about the root causes of migration, who is leaving and why.
  • Engage with people at the margins. Be a witness to Christ’s presence and experience how the church is seeking to respond.
  • Learn from our partners at CEDEPCA (Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies) how we can be part of the solution.

This trip will encourage us to grow as global Christians and connect us with brothers and sisters in need in Guatemala, especially through the ministry of CEDEPCA. The group will begin in Guatemala City, travel to the countryside, and attend the famous kite festival on the “Day of the Dead.”

Cost is $950 plus airfare. For more information, contact Mary Jane Winter. Some financial assistance is available from the presbytery.


Mary Jane Winter, moderator
Ron Bullis
Janice Carter
Delores Dunn
Glenna Finnicum
Judy Powell
Stanley Skreslet


Mission co-worker Cindy Corell (right)
Mission co-worker Cindy Corell (right)
Participants in the Young Adult Volunteer program
Participants in the Young Adult Volunteer program