THE HAITI MINISTRY educates, engages, and unites congregations in God’s mission in Haiti and specifically in supporting our mission co-worker Cindy Corell. Teams visit Haiti each year to learn and deepen the relationship between the presbytery and Cindy’s work, and then serve as a resource for other churches.


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Invitation from Cindy Corell to the 2019 Haiti Mission Network Meeting

The people of Haiti continue to endure dramatically high cost of living, violent crime and political instability.

Bandits and gangs control many streets, neighborhoods and villages, and violent protests are likely to shut down the entire country again as the people rise up against corruption.

While the extreme dangers keep many of us from visiting our partners in Haiti, we search for ways we can understand the complex underpinnings of the situation and accompany the people of Haiti through advocacy.

Learn how to advocate for our sisters and brothers in Haiti at the 2019 Haiti Mission Network meeting in Baltimore July 30 through August 1. The meeting is in coordination with PC(USA)'s Big Tent mission conference August 1 through 3. 

Ansanm, ansanm, nou pi fò.  (Together, together we are stronger.)

Haiti Mission Network Meeting
July 30-August 1


Following God's Call to Haiti

Nearly three-quarters of Haitians live on less than two dollars a day. Hunger and poverty are daily challenges, as are political turmoil and violence.

Yet God is at work in Haiti.

God called Cindy to serve in the desperately poor country of Haiti. As a Presbyterian mission co-worker, she works with a network of Haitian farmers to bring change in the name of Christ to those who are the most vulnerable.

God is at work through Cindy and our Haitian partners.

God is also at work through us. Together, we can support Haitian farmers and empower leaders so they can grow food for their families, send their children to school, and address injustice.​

Mission co-worker Cindy Corell (right)
Mission co-worker Cindy Corell (right)

How to Support Haiti and Cindy's Ministry

Contribute funds

  • Include support in your mission or outreach budget
  • Collect a special offering
  • Hold a fundraiser

Presbytery of the James is committed to funding the full cost of Cindy’s ministry in Haiti. At $83,000 a year, every church’s contribution, whether $500 or $5,000, is valuable and appreciated.

Send checks of support to:

Presbytery of the James
3218 Chamberlayne Ave.
Richmond, VA 23227

Note “Cindy Corell” on the memo line. The income is recorded and forwarded to her account at World Mission.

This ministry of ours lifts me every day. Thank you for supporting our work here, for supporting us financially, for keeping us in your prayers, for listening and caring.

Cindy Corell