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Small Church Website Grants

The Grant

Websites are critical tools for churches to communicate with members and their community. New for 2020, Small Church Ministry is offering grants to help small churches launch websites. The ministry has opportunities for small churches to receive development support in launching a website and funds for hosting costs for three years.

The Small Church Ministry agrees to:

  • Fund website hosting for three years
  • Hold a planning meeting with the presbytery's associate for communications
  • Create a custom WordPress website 
  • Hold a workshop (via Zoom) to train church's website team on maintenance of website after initial launch
  • Make available support by the associate for communications after launch

Website team of participating churches agrees to:

  • Provide content via email in Word, Excel, or Google documents
  • Provide photographs (prints or digital files)
  • Meet via Zoom with POJ staff to discuss needs
  • Review drafts and provide approval or edits within 1-2 weeks
  • Attend training workshops on website editing process
  • Maintain website after launch

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Application Deadline

Applications may be submitted to the presbytery at any time. Upon receiving an application, members of the Small Church Ministry will convene as soon as possible (possibly via email) to review it and make a decision. A liaison from the ministry group will be appointed who may contact the congregation for more information if necessary. Once we have received all the necessary materials, a decision will be made on the grant within 30 days of receipt of the application.

Evaluation Criteria

The Small Church Ministry will use the following criteria when reviewing applications for website grants:

  1. Preference for congregations with 100 or fewer in worship.
  2. Preferences for churches that do not currently have websites (redevelopment or renovation of an existing website may be considered if funds are available).
  3. Session supports development of a website and explains how the church hopes to utilize the website.
  4. Application includes the names of up to three people (including the pastor) who will participate in the training and become equipped to update the website.
  5. Application includes a plan or documentation from the church on how hosting will be funded after the initial three-year term provided by the grant.
  6. Initial discussion between the church website team, the presbytery's associate for communications, and moderator of Small Church Ministry to review expectations.
  7. Assessment from presbytery's associate for communications and moderator of Small Church Ministry as to the church’s ability to fulfill their obligations to the process.

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Kelley Hope, associate for communications
Email Kelley