Nearly two thirds of POJ's congregations fall into the category of small churches, those with fewer than 100 members. This ministry supports the leaders and members of small churches by providing engaging opportunities for education about growth and mission, networking among leaders, and promoting the Good News of the vital small church.


Jason Cashing, moderator

Deborah Rexrode, staff liaison

Sandra Collins

Kerra English

Lisa Salita

Mark Sprowl

Donald Steele

Kathleen Steele

Each of POJ's small churches has a unique character. Explore the diverse array in these profiles of small church congregations and pastors.

Programs for Small Churches


Website Grants

New for 2020, Small Church Ministry is offering a program to help small churches develop and host websites. Selected churches will work with POJ's communications associate to create websites with hosting costs for three years funded by POJ.

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Emergency/New Ministry Grants

Small Church Ministry offers grants of up to $5,000 for emergency repairs or to promote a new ministry within their community. The grants are determined by need and the grant fund is limited.

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Intern Program

With the majority of PC(USA) churches considered small, preparing for the unique aspects of life as a solo pastor in a small church is an important part of seminary education. The Small Church Intern Program plans seminars to educate seminary-approved interns in this particular calling of ministry. It also provides financial support to small churches who support an intern for an academic year, helping to defray the costs of stipends and mileage.

Read about Union Presbyterian Seminary's Supervised Ministry (internship) program.

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