THE SELF-DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE MINISTRY is a partnership of love, justice, and empowerment reflecting the image of God who stands with all people. The ministry awards grants for projects that will benefit those in need within the bounds of this presbytery.



Lamar Lockhart, moderator

Beverly S Bullock

Deborah Regal

Grant Funding

Throughout Lent, we receive the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering. This "people investing in people" offering returns to Presbytery of the James as grants awarded by Self-Development of People to "change the structures that perpetuate poverty, oppression, and injustice."

In 2018, SDOP awarded a grant to the Brookland Park Young Leaders Project. A portion of the grant is supporting four block clubs, a monthly community clean up, a community garden, a senior support team, a food co-op, an oral history project, and a music team.

Your gift to One Great Hour of Sharing invests in local people. Thank you for making similar grants possible in 2019.