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Grants Available for Small Churches

Congregations with up to 100 in worship attendance may be eligible for a small church grant to further ministry in the community or to pay for an emergency repair. This special fund of the Presbytery has been established to help small churches with projects that may be just beyond their reach (“emergent” need) or when the HVAC goes bust (“urgent” need). Since funds are finite, they are limited to churches that also have a real financial need. The expectation is that the congregation will also make a contribution to the project. The Presbytery has designated the Small Church Purpose Group to evaluate applications and make awards. The purpose group reviews applications throughout the year and will awards funds until the account is exhausted.
These documents are also available (in both PDF and Word) on the POJ website, under Forms. For questions, please email Mark Sprowl, Small Church Purpose Group moderator, or call 804-512-9197.
The Synod of the Mid-Atlantic has a similar grant program for small churches.