Our goal is to develop strategies which will help inform older adults on a wide variety of topics: those relating to spiritual, physical and mental health, financial concerns, law and retirement issues, housing and transportation matters, volunteer and employment opportunities, and end of life planning.
Retreats and other events planned by the Older Adult Ministry create opportunities to gather and focus on particular age-related issues, with time for worship, learning together and fellowship.


Lillian Rhudy, moderator​
Miriam Bailey​
Gladys Bowles
Ralph Rhudy

Regional and National Events

Shaping Faith in Crisis: Peace by Piece

October 27-28
Via Zoom

The current pandemic has made pastoral care an even greater challenge with the need for SIP (Shelter In Place) and social distancing. As shepherds and faith leaders we still must care for people, many of whom are feeling a rise in loneliness, anxiety, and depression.


Presbytery Events

2020 Retreat: God in Our World, God in Our Lives

**  POSTPONED  **  New date to be determined at a later time
Camp Hanover

2019 Retreat: Bright Hope for Tomorrow

“Life is a gift of God, and aging is a natural part of living, involving the whole life span from birth to death. Older adults are not a different category of persons, but are simply those persons who have traveled further along on the journey.”

Task Force on Older Adult Ministry—2004 General Assembly PC USA 1992