Presbytery Hunger Grant Aids in Guatemalan Crisis

An ongoing grant from POJ’s Hunger Ministry is helping mission partner CEDEPCA (Protestant Center for Pastoral Education) address hunger needs in Guatemala that have deepened due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. With the grant funds, CEDEPCA purchases high-quality, non-genetically-modified seeds for crops such as tomatoes, spinach, and other greens.

The seeds are provided to nearly 200 families in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, where women are among the most vulnerable and marginalized in Guatemalan society. With the seeds, recipients plant family gardens and grow their own food.

“[Home gardens provide] immediate access to food that is fresh, rich in nutrients, and free from chemicals,” explained Luis Sarpec, who leads this program for CEDEPCA.

The family garden project also is supported by New Castle Presbytery, which represents churches in Delaware and eastern Maryland. New Castle funds an agronomist who provides training and technical support to the gardeners.

Some of the family gardens are so successful that the women sell excess to neighbors. They use the income to buy other foods like rice and beans or more seeds to expand their small businesses.

Your financial support of our Hunger Fund through the five cents a meal offering or by a designated contribution to Presbytery of the James sustains this vital mission. Together, we can address hunger and make a better world for all, especially the “least of these” of whom Jesus spoke.

Learn about POJ’s Hunger Ministry and how you can help.

seeds_egg cartons 2

Women plant seeds in soil-filled eggshells, then place the shells into egg cartons. This keeps the seeds secure during transport and aids in transplanting the seedlings.

seeds_egg cartons

For more photos and information about Guatemalan family gardens, visit New Castle Presbytery's website.